Glowing For The Planet

We’re committed to respecting your skin and the environment. Sustainability is part of our mission and we're constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint & challenge ourselves to become more eco-conscious. Sustainability is a journey.
Let’s take it together, day by day.

Here are the ways we are working to do our part:

Eco-Conscious Packaging

We are constantly looking for ways to cut down on packaging and use more sustainable materials.

  • 100% Recyclable

    We’re committed to reducing waste where possible by choosing 20% recycled glass for our products & ensuring all our products are recyclable through our no-waste partnership with TerraCycle.

  • Less Plastic

    We’re removing plastic spatulas by the end of the year to cut down on waste (opt for our more sustainable zinc alloy version here).

  • Better (and Less) Paper

    We’re actively reducing excess paper in our packaging & using only FSC-Certified Paper by the end of the year. We use only as much packaging is needed to protect your products so they arrive safely at your door.

Recycle with Us

  • Shipping Boxes

    100% recyclable and are made of 100% post-consumer waste.

  • Cartons

    Made with recycled paper, free of acids & heavy metals & printed on soy/vegetable ink.

  • Air Bubbles

    100% recyclable! Learn where to recycle these here.

We partner with TerraCycle to create a no waste recycling program.

Clean Ingredients & Responsible Sourcing

We are a clean beauty brand who loves ingredients that are good for your skin and gentle on the planet.

  • Clean Ingredients

    We avoid ingredients that are environmental hazards, like microplastics that pollute water or oxybenzone which harms ocean reefs.

  • Smart Sourcing

    We’re constantly working with suppliers to source ingredients with a lower environmental impact when possible, like upcycled sugarcane, eco-certified plums & more.

Our Carbon Neutral Pledge

We’re partnering with non-profit organization, Climate Neutral, to become Climate Neutral Certified in 2022.

How we'll get there

  • 1. Measure

    Our carbon emissions (including manufacturing, shipping, and more).

  • 2. Offset

    By purchasing carbon credits to offset the emissions measured.

  • 3. Reduce

    By implementing an action plan to cut back on emissions over the next 12-24 months.

Recycle your Glow Recipe
products with


We partner with TerraCycle® to create a no waste recycling program. Request your recycling envelope & follow the steps to have your Glow Recipe products collected & converted into raw materials that can be used to manufacture new household items.

How to recycle glass jar products How to recycle glass bottle products How to recycle plastic products How to recycle mini sizes How to recycle cartons

Upcycle With Us

Our shelfie-worthy jars are designed to be repurposed. Upcycle to give them a new life and to brighten up your medicine cabinet.

Glow for Good

We’re constantly looking for environmental charities to give back to as part of our Glow for Good initiative. Know a charity you’re passionate about?
Recommend One Here