Glowing For The Planet

As a brand, we are committed to not only respecting your skin, but also the environment. We have always made sustainability a part of our mission and we’re constantly working on ways to reduce our carbon footprint even more. As a community, let’s challenge ourselves to do our part and become more earth-friendly.

Here are the ways we are working to do our part:

  • 100% Recyclable Packaging

    Implementing No-Waste Packaging

  • How We Deliver Your Glow

    Using Sustainable Shipping & Printed Material

  • Carbon Neutral By 2022

    Striving To Be Better, Do Better

100% Recyclable Packaging

Glow Recipe products are 100% recyclable, either at home or through our send-back program with our partner, TerraCycle®!

  • Our shelfie-worthy jars are 100% recyclable (please wash before recycling), made with 20% recycled glass, and designed to be repurposed!
  • Our cartons are 100% recyclable, made with a blend of PEFC-certified recycled paper, free of acids and heavy metals, and printed with soy ink.
How to recycle glass jar products How to recycle glass bottle products How to recycle plastic products How to recycle mini sizes How to recycle cartons


We've partnered with TerraCycle® to create a no-waste recycling program, the Recycling Send-Back Program. Request your recycling envelope at the link here, and follow a few easy steps to ship back the Glow Recipe products that you can't recycle at home! The shipped items will then be collected by TerraCycle® and converted into raw materials that can be used for new product manufacturing for common household items.

Upcycle With Us

Our shelfie-worthy jars are designed to be repurposed. Upcycle to give them a new life and to brighten up your medicine cabinet.

Photo by @skinbykerr

How We Deliver Your Glow

  • Boxes

    100% recyclable and are made of 100% post-consumer waste

  • Tissue Paper

    Made from recycled content

  • Air Bubbles

    100% recyclable when brought to your local grocery store with your other plastic shopping bags, just let the air out first!

  • Leaflets

    Printed on 100% recycled paper

Carbon Neutral by 2022

We are actively working on ways to reduce and offset our carbon footprint. We started this by switching to wind power and eliminating one-time use plastics at our NYC office, and will be expanding upon this by taking steps to become completely carbon neutral by 2022. Stay tuned to hear about our progress!