Domestic Orders

How do I qualify for free shipping?

When will my order ship and where does Glow Recipe ship from?

What shipping methods does Glow Recipe offer?

Does Glow Recipe charge domestic sales tax?

Who are Glow Recipe's U.S. stockists?

International Orders

Does Glow Recipe ship internationally?

What international shipping methods does Glow Recipe offer?

Is my package subject to customs fees and/or duty tax?

Can Glow Recipe ship my package as a ‘gift’, or mark the value of the items lower?

Who are Glow Recipe's international stockists?

Cancellations, Returns, Incorrect Shipments

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Glow Rewards Program

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How do I redeem Glow Rewards?

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Promotional Codes, Gift Cards, Payment Methods

Does Glow Recipe offer any promotional or discount codes?

Does Glow Recipe offer gift cards, gift receipts or gift wrapping?

What payment methods does Glow Recipe accept?

How do I apply promotional codes or e-gift cards to my order?

Are some Glow Recipe products excluded from discounts?

Navigating GlowRecipe.com

How can I search for a product?

Where can I find ingredients lists and instructions to use each product?

Product availability and out of stock items.

Glowing Skin 101

Does Glow Recipe offer complete skincare routines in one package?

How should I apply my products?

Does Glow Recipe offer skin consultations via email?

Does Glow Recipe have any products for pregnant or nursing moms?

Sustainability, Cruelty-Free & Vegan Status

Is Glow Recipe cruelty-free?

Is Glow Recipe Skincare vegan?

Can I send my products back for recycling?