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Self-Love Is in the Air Kit

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Treat your self with this curated set of refreshing products that will leave you glowing. 

Step 1: Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Water
A calming blend of naturally fermented botanical extracts, brightening licorice extract, and soothing organic aloe water clarifies, cleanses, and hydrates skin.

Step 2: Whamisa Deep Rich Essence Toner
A liquid concentrate infused with organic botanical extracts for a quick boost of hydration and nourishment

Step 3: Whamisa Damask Rose Petal Mist
The Whamisa Organic Flowers Damask Rose Petal Mist is a refreshing mist that instantly hydrates and nourishes skin in the most gentle yet effective way.

Step 4: Blithe InBetween Makeup Prep Essence
A lightweight essence made with fermented soybeans, rice, and tomato leaf extract to fortify the skin's natural barrier. Great for all skin types, with or without makeup.

Step 5: Blithe InBetween Instant Glowing Cream
Infused with moisture-locking glycerin and reparative niacinamide, this satiny moisturizer protects skin while giving it a luminous finish that helps makeup glide on more evenly.

Free of:
Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Dyes & Fragrances.

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