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Charcoal Face Mask - Jelly Pack Luminous 2-Step Mask

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The Gist:

The Jelly Pack Luminous Charcoal Face Mask is a wrinkle-defying 2-step treatment mask that firms, softens, and brightens the skin.

How it works:

Step One's mask is a Bamboo Charcoal fabric sheet that acts as a magnet for pollutants and skin-dulling debris, helping the superpowered essence sink deeply into the skin. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Black Bee Propolis, fermented Black Tea extract, and 'oxygen magnet' Fullerene to revitalize and oxygenate the skin. Skin feels smoother, softer, and fine lines are visibly reduced. Step Two harnesses the power of the original J. One Jelly Pack, helping to lock moisture into the skin and provide visible lift and firmness!

Free of:
Parabens, Synthetic Dyes & Fragrances, Mineral Oils.

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