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Triple Balance Morning Cleansing Pad (10 pads)

$ 8.40

10 pads

Product details

The Gist:

A balancing cleansing pad to perk up your skin in a.m.

How it works:

The dual action Harumada Morning Cleansing Pad is the wake-up call your skin needs to look fresh all day. The high quality pad is made up of triple layers of 100% pure cotton and microfiber in one easy to use pad. Side 1 - is used to gently cleanse and dislodge dirt and oils on the skin. Side 2 - is for toning and treating. Non-irritating ingredients like witch hazel and sage remove impurities without stripping ��� leaving skin perfectly prepped for makeup. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin work together to replenish and restore the skin before the day starts, leaving skin soft and smooth all day long. each box contains 10 individually wrapped pads. 

Free of: Alcohol, Parabens, Artificial Dyes.

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