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Discover the benefits of fruit enzymes and how they’e different from acids like AHAs and BHAs. They offer gentle exfoliation to skin to deliver a glow, naturally.

The gentle power of enzymes

An exfoliator for all, enzymes gently resurface skin to reveal a smooth, radiant complexion. They’re super-effective, yet so mild that even those with the most sensitive and reactive skin can use them.

What Enzymes Do:
• Gently exfoliate
• Brighten dull skin
• Soothe inflammation

“Enzymes help dead skin cells slough off, leaving the skin smoother and softer and decreasing discoloration.”


Board-certified Dermatologist


Fruit enzymes exfoliate skin by digesting the material that binds dead skin cells together. That means they remove only the topmost layer of dead skin cells at the surface. They also actively soothe skin.

Enzymes are ideal for everyone, especially those with:
• Acne-prone skin
• Sensitive skin
• Medium to dark skin tones

Enzymes vs. acids
Enzymes Acids

• Exfoliate dead skin cells only
• Stay at the skin’s surface
• Break protein bonds between cells
• Offer one level of exfoliation

• Resurface both dead and living skin cells
• Can get deep within pores
• Dissolve and digest cells
• Available in different concentrations and intensities

Papaya Enzymes

Known as papain, papaya enzymes help to dissolve and remove dead skin cells, improving skin tone and texture. Papain may also help with wound healing and reduce inflammation.

Pineapple Enzymes

Bromelain, the enzyme found in pineapple, contains cysteine proteases and isconsidered particularly helpful for wound healing as well as for treating bruising.

Works well with...

Enzymes followed by other enzymes in separate steps of your routine boosts exfoliation without irritating.

Enzymes and acids can be used in the same routine to amplify their smoothing and brightening power. All Glow Recipe Skincare formulations are balanced and gentle enough for use in the same routine. However, if the acid concentration is potent, start with a patch test.

Enzymes and retinol can work together to rejuvenate and smooth skin.