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ABC's of Sheet Masking Kit

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ABC to sheet masking / 7 masks

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New to sheet masking? We give you all the sheet masks you need to start your sheet masking obsession. Whether you use them on a night out or a week-long vacation, this set of seven masks will introduce you into the world of sheet masking so you can get sheet-faced. 

Briskin Real Fit Second Skin Mask - AC Control
This next-gen sheet mask is made of ultra-thin bio-cellulose that perfectly adheres to your face, acting as a second skin to effectively deliver ingredients and nutrients.

Tea Tree Soothing Mask
The Tea Tree Soothing mask imparts an instant dose of calming, inflammation-reducing hydration to skin that is irritated or troubled.

A luminizing sheet mask drenched in brightening pearl extract, soothing licorice root, and exfoliating fruit enzymes to give skin an instant radiance.

Choc Choc mask
A skin-detoxifying, clarifying bamboo charcoal sheet mask that replenishes skin with propolis and hyaluronic acid for instantly glowing, dewy skin.

Soothing Layering Double Mask
A totally new innovation in masking, the Soothing Layering Double mask combines two mask-sheet technologies and an ergonomically designed mask to make skin noticeably smoother and calm. 

White Camellia Soombi 2-Step Pure Brightening Petal Mask
An ingenious two-step mask that harnesses the power of luxurious, 100% pure Jeju Camellia oil and a silky sheet mask to create a brightening, super-hydrating masking treatment that leaves skin unbelievably smooth and supple. 

Cellum Amaid Sheet Mask
A skin-softening sheet mask packed with 87% galactomyces ferment extract and botanicals to help brighten and promote cell renewal for instant glow.

1 Charcoal Chai Tea Pore Refining Glow Pad - Sachet
The charcoal and tea infused pore-refining glow pads help to gently exfoliate away dull, flaky skin for a smoother, glowy complexion in a flash.

1 Pink Glow Mesh Zip
The Glow Girl Sheet Masking Set comes with the limited edition Pink Glow Mesh Zip. Products are full sized.

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