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Jullai Holiday Set

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Jullai / Holiday Set

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Give the gift of glowing skin with our specially curated Jullai Holiday Set. This set includes four superfood-infused toners and oils, that'll give you K-Pop worthy glass skin. This kit also has a secret: It includes three totally new products that aren’t available yet on Meaning you will get first dibs on the Super 7 Moisture Essence Oil Toner, Super 12 Bounce Thin Oil, and the Super 12 Bounce Thick Oil. If you want glowing summer skin all year long then this set is for you. 

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1 Jullai Super 7 Moisture Essence Oil Toner 120ml

Rejuvenate and clarify skin with this lightweight, gentle hydrating toner. Infused with cold brewed Super 7 Complex that includes pumpkin seed extract, oatmeal, and flaxseed for a soft, moisturized and brightened complexion.

1 Jullai Super 12 Bounce Essence Oil Toner 120ml

A revolutionary skin treatment that combines a toner and a serum into one lightweight, antioxidant-rich moisturizing essence.

1 Jullai Super 12 Bounce Thin Oil 30ml

A luxurious antioxidant-rich multi-use oil that provides watery, weightless yet long-lasting hydration without any of the heaviness associated with traditional oils. 

1 Jullai Super 12 Bounce Thick Oil 30ml

Nourish the skin with 98% of naturally derived oils which include rosehip, avocado, and linseed oils. These oils are cold brewed to provide intense, antioxidant-rich hydration for a youthful, glowing skin.


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