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BYE BYE BREAKOUTS Tea Tree Routine Kit

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Grow Tea Tree Kit / 5-Step

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  • Say goodbye to acne with our newly reformulated Grow Tea Tree line. Purchase this kit and get the Grow Tea Tree 70 Spot treatment for free! 

    Step 1: Grow Tea Tree 30 Cleansing Foam
    A whipped foam cleanser from Leegeehaam (LJH), made with 30% Tea Tree extract. It gently deeply cleanses and refreshes skin, leaving it hydrated and prepped for next skincare steps.

    Step 2: Grow Tea Tree 70 BHA Toner
    A non-irritating, clarifying BHA toner infused with gentle acids to hydrate, soothe breakout prone skin, and unclog congested pores.

    Step 3 (optional): Grow Tea Tree 70 Spot
    This highly effective yet gentle spot treatment targets blemishes with a 70% concentration of soothing tea-tree extract for clear, balanced skin. 

    Step 4: Grow Tea Tree 95 Essence
    Meet one of the most potent tea tree treatments in skincare - Tea Tree 95 Essence. An evolution of the cult Tea Tree 90 Essence, this lightweight serum is made with a potent concentration of 95% Tea Tree extract in a weightless and scentless formulation to soothe and hydrate blemish-prone, sensitive, irritated, and troubled skin.

    Step 5: Grow Tea Tree 80 Cream
    A moisturizer formulated for trouble-prone, oily, sensitized skin from Leegeehaam (LJH) made with 80% Tea Tree extract to soothe blemishes and breakouts and hydrate without heaviness.

    ** Products are full sized. This K-beauty Routine kit is not in a separate box

    Free of:
    Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Mineral Oils, Synthetic dyes & fragrances.

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