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A skin-protecting multitasker that hydrates and primes skin for makeup application with powerful, antioxidant-rich red algae.

How it works:

The J.One Red Jelly Pack is the latest addition to the cult-classic original Jelly Pack. An ampoule and primer in one, this rosy-hued multitasker instantly boosts skin's natural anti-aging powers while simultaneously priming the skin for makeup application. The unique jelly texture leaves your complexion looking bouncier and feeling hydrated all day long.

The Red Jelly Pack harnesses the power of Astaxanthin, or red algae, known to be one of the strongest antioxidants found in nature (6000x the antioxidant content of Vitamin C). Fun fact: Flamingos get their gorgeous pink coloring from an Astaxanthin-rich diet of red algae. While it won't turn you pink, the Red Jelly Pack will give skin a naturally rosy glow.

Nutrient-dense extracts from raspberry, hibiscus, and papaya help to nourish and soothe skin, while hyaluronic acid, moringa seed oil, and niacinamide absorb deep into skin to hydrate and brighten. Skin appears smoother and more supple after use.

Need more info on what a 'Jelly Pack' is? Check out the below video on our OG 'makeup gripper,' the White Jelly Pack.

Free of:
Parabens, Synthetic Dyes, Mineral Oils.

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